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Academic papers

Here are some papers I wrote during my time in university. Not because I think they are amazing. But I remember googling for academic work as a student. And I think everyone should have access to all those thoughts already thought through.
20 August 2010Whom to lobby on EU agricultural trade? (MSc Dissertation)University of Edinburgh
20 April 2010Are African Governments inherently disposed towards Corruption?University of Edinburgh
19 April 2010If France is so much in Favour of an Autonomous European Military

Force and Defence, why doesn’t this exist yet?
University of Edinburgh
9 April 2010Assessment of the EU’s ‘Actorness’ and ‘Presence’ in TradeUniversity of Edinburgh
30 July 2009Wollen demokratische Gesellschaften eine demokratische UNO?

(BA Dissertation)
Universität Bremen
25 September 2008Afrikanische Rohstoffe oder Chinesische Geopolitik?Universität Bremen
10 August 2007Macht und FreiheitUniversität Bremen
31 July 2007Sind religionsfreie Parlamente mit dem Islam vereinbar?Universität Bremen
31 July 2007Does a prohibition of religions in parliaments conflict with Islam?

(translated from German)
Universität Bremen
15 March 2007Große Koalitionen stärken LänderinteressenUniversität Bremen